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தேசிய சங்க செய்திகளையும் தொலைதொடர்புத் துறை செய்திகளையும் இயன்ற அளவு தமிழில் அளிக்க காரைக்குடி மாவட்டத்திலிருந்து ஒலிக்கும் முரசு இது.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Demands of Non-Executive Unions

1) Rs.20,000/- as minimum pay to Non-Executives.

2) Ensure fitment benefit of 15% to Non-Executives.

3) 5% increase on promotion / upgradation of pay scale.

4) Upgrade the pay scale of Senior TOAs as per the decision of the then JCM (DC) consequent on the V CPC reports.

5) Cancel the wrong clarification given by the BSNL CO for the revision of pay scale of TTAs from 4500 to 5000 from 01.10.2000. Either fix the pay from 01.10.2000 under FR 22 I (a) (i) or grant NEPP I after completion of 4 years instead of 7 years.

6) Revise HRA, Transport Allowance conveyance allowance and other allowances at par with Central Govt. Employees.

7) Reconstitute wage negotiation committee for Non-Executives involving all the applicant unions as was done for wage revision from 01.10.2000, as the present recognized unions are not interested in wage negotiation across the table to be completed in time.

8) Revision of pension of BSNL absorbed DOT employees provisionally pending settlement of pay scales from 01.01.2017 by giving 15% fitment benefit.

9) Direct engagement of contract labourers in BSNL instead of through contractors and disbursement of their wages by the BSNL Management directly to avoid malpractices by contractors and other intermediaries.

10) Absorption of left out casual labourers (as on 01.10.2000) if necessary by relaxing rules & regulations.