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Friday, February 24, 2012

பேரெல்லாம் மாத்தப் போறாங்களாம்! உங்கள் கருத்து என்ன?

Proposals of the Designation Committee meeting held today the 23.02.2012

A meeting of the Designations Committee was held today the 23.02.2012. As regards new designations, the following proposals emerged in the meeting.

The following are only proposals and new designations will be finalized only in the next meeting. Meanwhile, members are requested to send their views / suggestions on these proposals.

Present designation       Proposed new designation

Regular Mazdoor              Telecom Assistant
Telecom Mechanic             Telecom Technician
Senior TOA                      Telecom Associate Officer
TTA                                  Telecom Associate Engineer

Based on the above proposals, the new designations for different grades (on promotion) will be as follows.

Regular Mazdoor
(1) Telecom Assistant
(2) Senior Telecom Assistant
(3) Senior Telecom Assistant grade I
(4) Senior Telecom Assistant grade II

Telecom Mechanic
(1) Telecom Technician
(2) Senior Telecom Technician
(3) Senior Telecom Technician grade I
(4) Senior Telecom Technician grade II

Senior TOA
(1) Telecom Associate Officer
(2) Senior Telecom Associate Officer
(3) Senior Telecom Associate Officer grade I
(4) Chief Telecom Associate Officer

(1) Telecom Associate Engineer
(2) Senior Telecom Associate Engineer
(3) Senior Telecom Associate Engineer grade I
(4) Chief Telecom Associate Engineer

Members who intend to convey their views / suggestions are requested to do within a week. The proposals can be sent through E-mail  to CHQ 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Is BSNL over staffed?

The country's leading news paper "The Hindu" has raised its voice in favour of the Government employees. In its report dated 30-1-2012, it has categorically denied the Government's "theory" that the Government organisations are over staffed.
Please read this report.
Thank you Sri Mistry Ji, for sharing this news.

Size of the Govt. Employees: Myth and the Truth:

A big hue and cry has always been made about the size of the govt. employees in India. To reduce the number of govt. employees, the govt. of India introduced the ‘‘Ban on Recruitment’’, way back in 1984 itself. Ever since the introduction of the Neo- Liberal Economic policies, the govt. of India has taken various steps, for the downsizing of the strength of the govt. employees.

However, various surveys have now revealed the truth. Accordingly, the number of govt. employees that India is having, in comparison to the population, is only one fifth of the employees that the US govt. is having. India is having 1622.8 govt. servants (both central as well as states) for every 1, 00,000 people. Whereas, the US is having 7681 employees per 1, 00,000 people. The number of Central govt. employees in India is 31 lakh. This comes to 257 employees per 1, 00,000 people. But the US Federal govt. is having 840 employees per 1, 00,000 people. For everything the Indian govt. is following what the US is doing. On the employment of govt. employees, why can’t India follow the US?

Source: The Hindu dated 30.01.2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Appreciation from "The Hindu"

The country's leading newspaper "The Hindu" has appreciated the sevices of BSNL Cuddalore District during and after the Thane cyclone. Our hearty congratulations to our brothers at Cuddalore!
Here is the news item

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Cell on wheels' weathers cyclone

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Mobile microwave tower of BSNL comes in handy to provide uninterrupted service in cyclone- hit Cuddalore.— Photo:C.Venkatachalapathy
Mobile microwave tower of BSNL comes in handy to provide uninterrupted service in cyclone- hit Cuddalore.— Photo:C.Venkatachalapathy
The “Cell on Wheels (COW)” has come in handy for the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd to provide uninterrupted mobile phone services in cyclone-affected areas, according to Marshal Antony Leo, General Manager, BSNL, Cuddalore division.
Mr. Leo told The Hindu that the COW was nothing but a cell phone tower mounted on a multi-axle truck that could be moved to any place to sustain telecommunication services even in disaster-affected areas where the installations were damaged and services disrupted.
For instance, of 430 cell phone towers installed by the BSNL in the Cuddalore SSA (short switching area), comprising Cuddalore and Villupuram districts, over 200 could not function for want of power in the aftermath of the cyclone.
However, BSNL mobilised generator-sets to run all telephone exchanges and towers in the affected areas. Mr Leo thanked the State government and the district administration for making arrangements for continuous supply of fuel to operate the generator-sets.
BSNL had therefore spent a sum of Rs. 33 lakh on purchase of fuel to run the generator-sets for about 10 days. However, as the damaged towers at Vandipalayam and Pounambal Nagar could not be immediately repaired, BSNL struck upon the idea of pressing into service the COW to maintain cell phone services to these areas.
The COW, now stationed on the premises of the Thirupadiripuliyur telephone exchange, could provide telecommunication services for a radius of 500 metres. Having realised its potential and utility, BSNL had proposed to deploy a COW at Vadalur during Thai Poosam festivities.
After the truck was stationed at a designated place, the tower would be secured by thick wires on all four sides, Mr. Leo said. Already 401 towers were providing 2G services and 31 towers 3G services in the Cuddalore SSA and soon 96 more towers would be added.
All 162 telephone exchanges, including 59 in urban areas and 103 in rural areas, were broadband covered.
BSNL had 90,000 landline subscribers, amounting to a tele-density of 1.8 per 100 persons, and the density of GSM and WLL connections 7.7 per 100 persons.