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Friday, September 28, 2018

IDA increases from 01/10/2018

1-10-2018 முதல் கிராக்கிப்படி (IDA) 7.6 சதவீதம் உயர்ந்து மொத்தம் 135.6 சதவீதமாக மாறியுள்ளது.

IDA payable with effect from 01/10/2018 will be 135.6%, i.e. an increase by 7.6%.

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4)  It may be noted that all along in CPCs, the unions were demanding minimum pay only. For the need based minimum wages, one day strike was organized on 19.09.1968 by the then NFPTE which includes the elements of left forces also.

In the Second wage revision from 01.01.2007 also, the then one & only recognized union, BSNLEU has demanded the minimum pay of Rs.14,000/-. Based on the minimum pay only, other pay scales can be devised. That is why, FNTO was very particular in fixing the minimum pay of  Rs.20,000/- for NE-1. Based on this, the other pay scales from NE-2 to NE-12 have been devised in such a way that the fitment benefit of 15% is ensured even to the new recruits from 01.01.2017  which should be inherent in the starting pay of the scale of respective cadres.

The multiplication factor has no role to devise the pay scale in BSNL as it differs from scale to scale for central Govt. employees due to grade pay. In the Central pay scales, each pay band has four or five grade pays and the multiplication factors differ from pay scales to pay  scale due to grade pay. BSNL has no such grade pay and therefore we should not copy the multiplication factor of  central pay scales. We should devise our pay scales to ensure 15% increase to all employees including post 2017 recruits. This is what FNTO has done in its proposals and FNTO is not new to give demand and negotiate for pay scales. We were doing it right from the 3rd CPC to 5th CPC and two earlier wage revision in BSNL. In fact, the demand for 2nd wage revision was prepared by the FNTO, the then ally of BSNLEU, at the request  of Sri.V.A.N. Namboodri.

5) FNTO has not made any criticism that the CMD has recommended 15% fitment benefit to Executives and 11.3% to Non-Executives. Only these two recognized unions are telling like this. In fact, the point of 15% fitment benefit has not been discussed by the recognized unions and saying that the DOT is suggesting 0% to 5%. They should ensure 15% fitment benefit, as is proposed to Executives, to Non-Executives also as there cannot be any discrimination between these two categories. Without discussing this point, accepting the BSNL proposed pay scales is unfortunate.

6) The minimum of the pay scales for ATT, Sr.TOA and TTA cadres are not ensuring the 15% fitment benefit to those appointed on or after 01.01.2017 as per their calculation itself. According to their calculation, it ranges from 11.12% to 11.55% only. However, these recognized unions have already accepted the BSNL proposed pay scales irrespective of the percentage of benefit for post 2017 appointees. They have justified it quoting 01.01.2007 pay scales, which have been recommended and agreement signed by the then recognized union BSNLEU.

It is unfortunate that these two unions are not interested in getting upgraded scale recommended by the then JCM (DC) of DOT consequent on the V CPC recommendation to the Sr.TOAs. That demand was notified by the FNTO and won. But the BSNLEU surrendered the up gradation in BSNL.

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