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Friday, May 29, 2015

All Set to Start for a New beginning of BSNL, Be a BSNL Customer


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Let us be optimistic!

Modiji’s Team as promised are sticking to the plan to revive BSNL. After a year of rule by the new government, we all can see the visible development within the company BSNL in terms of infrastructure procurement and establishment. On the day one of taking the charge as telecom minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad told that he is going to revive both BSNL and MTNL. The development for this year, you can see in stats rather than words and encourage every indian to be apart of BSNL.

Telecom business is being considered the top revenue grossing market in present days, Our Government rather going to dis-investment, better to revive it and make to life and bring revenue from these companies which in turn can be spent again for us as citizens of India.

BSNL which is company having above 2.35 Lakh employees as on 31.03.2014, and around more than 50,000 indirect/contract workers and also many people working without sourced BSNL business. MTNL is also having similar numbers of its size and presence. If anything happens means around 4 Lakh people and their families who work for both BSNL and MTNL future will be a question mark.
New beginning of BSNL, Be a BSNL Customer
As rightly reacted unions and officers associations in the month of February and April 2015, who have gone for strike for immediate intervention of central government to revive BSNL, was a hit, as claimed by the unions, around 95% of BSNL employees participated in the strike. The point what they have raised to revive BSNL, is well timed call and even the central govt under the leadership of Modiji too wants to take up the same.

To meet the targeted goal, this government is a bit different from earlier ones. Today we are seeing government which is detailing the count and future road map. Even the new BSNL CMD is working smart with new innovative ideas like allowed Unlimited Calling to any Network from BSNL Landline. Rather than digging the past, BSNL CMD is betting on the future technologies which are going to be a game changers for BSNL.

The new government after running a complete year, Telecom minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, told that in the era of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, BSNL was in profits, after that for the last 8-9 years BSNL is recording losses by policies and unsuccessful bidding environment, which made the highest revenue grosser as a loss making company.

Even this is same with MTNL also, these years BSNL was not allowed for expansion. As per Prasad Ji, BSNL is coming up with new 25,645 BTC (Base Transmission Centres) in coming couple of years. Among these, BSNL already installed 15000 BTCs for the services.

In the same time 432 BSNL exchanges are going to be packet switching exchanges (Next Generation IP based exchanges). With which BSNL can offer more services, with in the single cable and also you care going to witness smart landlines at the earliest.

This is our BSNL, all have to safe guard this, as BSNL is the only company which works with social commitment beyond profits, if there is no BSNL, Indians will have to see the old status like incoming call charges too, so be a BSNL Customer and enjoy the freedom of communication in India.