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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter to Hon'ble Minister for Communications

                                                                                       Dated        -11-2011.

Sri. Kapil Sibal,
Hon’ble Minister for Communication,
Govt. of India,
New Delhi – 110 001.

                    Sub:- Request for protecting the promotion of Telecom Mechanics of
Tamil Nadu Circle
to the cadre of TTA in BSNL – reg.

                    It is reported that in BSNL the LDCE for promotion to TTA cadre under 40% quota for the recruitment year 2004 was held on 18-12-2005 throughout the country.  Many employees could not pass the examination as the question papers were very tough and even Engineering  Graduates could not answer.  So the service unions demanded grace marks to the employees who attended and failed in the examination.
                   The BSNL Management rejected the demand for grace mark but suggested to hold a supplementary examination for the failed candidates for unfilled vacancies.  Even the grace marks given in
West Bengal Circle
was also cancelled by the BSNL corporate office.  Accordingly the supplementary examination was held on 28-10-2007 and 97 Telecom Mechanics have come out successful in Tamil Nadu circle.  One Telecom Mechanic who was denied permission to sit for the supplementary examination has filed a case in the Madras High Court and the court has declared the examination itself as illegal as there is no provision in the recruitment rules for holding supplementary examination for unfilled vacancies.  The Apex court also upheld the judgement of the High Court.  Because of this judgement, 97 Telecom Mechanics who have come out successful in that examination in
Tamil Nadu Circle
have now been affected as the employee who had gone to the court has challenged the orders of CGM, BSNL,
Tamil Nadu Circle
.  Had the orders of the BSNL CO is challenged about 3000 employees who have come out successful in the above examination throughout the country would have been affected.

                  To safeguard the interest of the 97 employees of
Tamil Nadu Circle
and also the employees promoted in other circles FNTO, the INTUC affiliated union in BSNL  has requested the BSNL Management to amend the R/Rs of TTA retrospectively making provision for a supplementary examination at least as one time measure for the 2004 year of vacancies.  This case was also referred to the then HM© by that union and the reply given to the union through the CGM, BSNL,
Tamil Nadu Circle
is enclosed for reference.

                  Now, the BSNL has issued orders to hold examination for 2008 year of vacancies with implication of carrying forward of the above 97 unfilled vacancies also.  This is nothing but denying promotion to the above 97 employees of Tamil Nadu Circle who have come out successful in the supplementary examination whereas their counterparts in other circles including those in Chennai  Telephones are enjoying the fruits of the promotion.

                  I feel the denial of promotion to these employees are discriminatory and their recruitment should be regularized by appropriately amending the R/Rs to which the BSNL Board  is competent.  It is most unfortunate that the BSNL is showing discrimination to the employees of
Tamil Nadu Circle

                     I am to submit  that it is not the fault of the employees who have written the examination in good faith.  The BSNL Management should have seen before ordering for supplementary examination, whether there is provision for the same in the R/Rs.  Having called for the examination and promoting the employees who have come out successful in the other circles denying the same to
Tamil Nadu Circle
employees alone is total injustice.  I therefore request the HM© to kindly intervene in the matter to render justice to Tamil Nadu Circle employees, by causing amendments to the R/Rs appropriately which will safeguard the interest of the employees promoted through this examination in other circles also.  Till such time the examination proposed for 2008 year of vacancies may be ordered to be held under abeyance or the 97 vacancies of 2004 be reserved for these employees pending amendment to R/Rs.

                    I hope that the HM© will bestow his personal attention in this regard at an early date to render justice to the innocent employees who have been denied the hard earned promotion through competitive examination.

                   Thanking you,

                                                                                   Yours sincerely,

                                                                              (C. GNANASEKARAN)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Editorial of FNTO News


As a Trade union FNTO opposes Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) in principle because  it will reduce the workforce in a Company and there are chances that experi- enced employees may leave. As long as BSNL was in profit our union opposed VRS and have launched several struggles including Joint strike.
But the situation has changed now. Despite unions cry to reduce unproductive and extravagant expenses there is very little effort on the part of management towards this direc- tion. On our demand for compensation for rural services and Govt. Cooperation to keep BSNL viable by way of refunding ADC, License fee, spectrum charges etc. there is not much of a response from Govt. On the other hand DoT had earlier proposed to ease out BSNL employees on VRS by giving a few increments without any package.
Present CMD wanted to revive the Company by improving the revenue and rejuveniting the business to meet the competition. Though it is not the fault of the workers, one has to accept that the numerical strength of executives and non executives is high even without comparison to private operators. Expenditure on salaries has increased multifold. Last year loss of Rs.1500 cr has quadrupled this year and the loss is more than Rs.6000 cr.
So the management is compelled to consider VRS as an option and the CMD and BSNL Board has sent two proposals to Government. One among them as is offered to MTNL is better. It is also a question mark whether the Government will approve this proposal and allot necessary funds.
At this juncture it is neither advisable nor desirable to launch strike (either one day or indefinite) which will worsen the situation. Stoppage of work will bring disgrace to unions and irrepairable damage to BSNL and its future.
Service unions of both executives and non executives should sit accross the table to negotiate better VRS package without income tax for exgratia, merger of 78.2%. IDA merger for fixation benifit etc.
In case the management changes its mind and thrust an unsatisfactory package with a compulsory scheme then there is reason for us to choose a struggle path to save the workers. Let us hope the management will not resort to such an option.