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Monday, October 21, 2013

TTA scale revision - Victory to FNTO

It is reported by BSNLEU that in the discussion of strike demands held on 18.10.2013 some of the demands have been accepted by the management. One of such cases is the pay scale revision of TTAs from 01.10.2000. It is reported that the management has accepted not to treat this as promotion under NEPP. Actually it is a success to FNTO. We have discussed this issue with the GM(Estt) on 06.08.2013 and later followed it up through correspondence giving copies of DOT agreement made at the time of formation of BSNL, DOT’s letter to the NUTEE Gr.C Union and BSNL’s own order on fixation of pay at the time of revision of pay of TTAs from 01.10.2000.

The BSNL Management has only two options in this matter. (1) One is either the clarification given to treat it as promotion under NEPP should be withdrawn and the TTAs be given next upgradation to 7800-225-11175 scale from 01.10.2004 instead of 01.10.2007. (or)  (2) to grant FR22 I (a) (1) fixation benefit for the pay revision from 01.10.2000 in stead of FR 23 as per their own commitment in NEPP agreement.

As this involves additional expenditure to BSNL, it has no other alternate but to accept our demand for withdrawal of the wrong clarification to treat it as Ist upgradation. Now the TTAs will get 2nd upgradation to 8570-245-12245 from 01.10.2011.

Similar line has to be followed in respect of the pay scale revision of Motor Drivers also (from 01.10.2000). It is now done. This is a grand success for NUBSNLW (FNTO) and not BSNLEU or others.

Item (15) : 
Option for pay fixation on promotion, on the date of next increment, which fell after 01.10.2000.
Reply :
Management side informed that this case is rejected by the DOT.

Our Comments :
Cancellation of  option is not the decision of DOT. But it is the decision of DPE. Even in DPE there is difference of opinion in this matter between the Secretary and the Joint Secretary. In such circumstances this case should have been referred to DOPT which is the competent authority in such matters. The BSNL Management tried to cancel the orders dated 17.12.2008 but could not succeed in their efforts. The BSNLEU should have asked the CMD to personally take up the case with the Secretary DOT to pursue the case further with the DPE and DOPT. FNTO union has already written a detailed letter in this regard to the GM(Estt) with copy to Dir (HRD), CMD, Dir (F) and also secretary DOT to reopen the case with the secretary DOT through the CMD, BSNL.

(N.B) The recognized representative union has not studied the issue with proper perspective. Some of the affected employees of Tamilnadu Circle have filed case in CAT, Madras for cancellation of DOT’s letter dated 17.12.2008 and the FNTO is assisting them to deal the matter in the CAT, Madras.

Friday, October 11, 2013

தோழர் A.நார்மன் மறைந்தார்

அண்ணாச்சி என்று நம்மால் அன்போடு அழைக்கப்பட்டவரும்,
கண்டிப்புடன் சங்கத்தைக் கட்டிக்காத்து வழிநடத்தியவரும்,
மாவட்டச் சங்கத்தில் பல்வேறு பொறுப்புகளை வகித்து –
மாநிலத் துணைத் தலைவராகப் பணியாற்றி ஓய்வு பெற்றவரும்,
எண்ணற்ற மஸ்தூர் தோழர்களின் வாழ்வை மலரச் செய்தவரும்,
ஏழைத் தோழர்களின் நெஞ்சில் நீங்கா இடம்பெற்றவரும்,
நிமிர்ந்த நன்நடையும் நேர்கொண்ட பார்வையும்
நிலத்தில் யார்க்கும் அஞ்சாத நெறிகளும் கொண்டவருமான
தேசியச் சங்கத்தின் சிங்கநிகர் தோழர் நார்மன்
இன்று அதிகாலை கர்த்தருக்குள் நித்திரையடைந்தார்.
எழுபத்தெட்டு வயதான தோழர் நார்மன் அவர்கள்
பெங்களூரில் தனது ஒரே மகனுடன் வசித்து வந்தார்.
மறைந்த நமது அருமைத் தலைவருக்கு - கொடிதாழ்த்தி

கண்ணீர் அஞ்சலியைக் காணிக்கையாக்குகிறோம்.